Hi, I'm Leigh Ann

Owner & Photographer Gal of R&R

Born and raised in the coastal Carolinas, now raising a little lady gang in Nashville. As a mama, nothing means more to me than my family and documenting them has become a priority of mine.

Whether you're at home with your little ones or hustling hard at work - your priority is your family and being the best you can be for them. Then you look up one day and realize that they're growing right before your eyes, right? I get it.

My goal is to provide images of your family that are true to YOU! I'm talking more than the posey posey ones and more than "one good photo" - I want you to have a gallery full of REAL life images - the belly laughs, the pouty faces, true happiness loving all over your favorite people.

Are you smiling yet? Do you find yourself nodding your head saying "yes'? If yes, you're in the right place and I'm so glad we have found each other! Whether you're needing one session this year or looking for a few, send me a note and let's set something up.